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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're talking practice

The last few days with all the news regarding the University of Michigan football program and allegations from players that coaches have exceeded NCAA practice limits, Kosmo has wondered if there are any high school programs that might be affected by the negative attention paid on Michigan.
To that, Kosmo has one word in response: Nah.
Maybe what's going on with Michigan has made some coaches take some notice of their practice schedules, but overall, high school programs do a pretty good job of avoiding any severe practice habits with kids.
Coaches do make kids do plenty of offseason workouts and camps, but none of that is out of bounds and actually is a good thing.
It keeps the kids out of trouble and working towards a goal.
Driving by plenty of high schools in the Kozmobile during the summer, the K-Man frequently sees players running the track or steps to get ready for the season. There aren't any coaches present, so it does lead Kosmo to believe it's more of a voluntary thing than maybe what goes on in college.
Plus, unlike in a major college program where winning is the ultimate thing, high school coaches more frequently tend to worry about teaching life lessons than pushing to the limit for a few more "W's."
Given that, high school workouts tend to be more within rules and within bounds than maybe what's going on in college.


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