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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get well soon, Booker and Serzo

Kosmo was saddened to hear about the horrific collision between Lake Orion outfielders Vinnie Booker and Phil Serzo on Saturday. Both are outstanding athletes who were good football players last fall and who are two of Lake Orion's best baseball players. Both collided going for a ball and left the field in an ambulance. Booker shattered his orbital bone and had to have three hours of surgery afterwards, while Serzo had a concussion. Serzo is out of the hospital now, while Booker still needs a few more days of care before he's released. It's not likely Booker will return this season, although given the toughness he showed during football season, don't completely rule it out. Serzo should be back in a few weeks. The news of the collision probably touched all baseball coaches in the area, who probably went though some increased outfield drills in practices just to show what can happen, even when two hard-nosed kids are doing what they should be doing and going for a ball.


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