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Monday, September 27, 2010

A little basketball news during football season

Not to get too far off the beaten path since it is the heart of football season, but Kosmo did recently come across some interesting basketball news a few days ago. Kosmo was told by a prominent spy that Pontiac won't have senior guard Juwan Moody on its team this year.
Evidently, Moody and his family decided to move to Arizona. Moody was a sharpshooter who along with senior Anthony Adams would've given the Phoenix one of the best backcourt tandems in the area this winter. However, Pontiac usually has plenty of talent in the pipeline, so Koz is sure others will step up.
The big issue here as far as Kosmo is concerned is with Moody's transfer itself.
It's his third high school in four years after he started at Orchard Lake St. Mary's.
Kosmo isn't sure what exactly the situation is, but hopefully it's not a case of Moody being unhappy and looking for greener pastures elsewhere.
Situations aren't going to be perfect for a player. But instead of pouting, quitting or leaving, players should just stick it up and work harder to improve themselves.
If this is indeed the case with Moody, and Kosmo isn't sure it is or not, what's he going to do in college if certain things aren't tailored for him? Is he just going to keep transferring? What about in the real world? Do players like that just think they can bounce from job to job because they're not pampered to?
It usually is bad news when players don't stick it out. Hopefully it does work out for Moody in Arizona and for Pontiac as a team this winter.


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