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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unofficial practices in name only

In just over a month, the high school football season will begin with the official start of practice.
However, you could've fooled Kosmo, because given what he's been seeing, football practice has already started.
While spending time driving around the area in the Kozmobile, your seer has happened to pass by several high schools.
Of course, what has he seen while going past these schools?
Football players in helmets (no pads) practicing.
Call it "camps" or "voluntary workouts" if you will. It's all practice to the K-Man, which means the high school football season has "officially" begun if you ask Kosmo.
— Kosmo wishes to give a hearty congratulations to Birmingham Seaholm sophomore Francesco Ruffino, who was named Mr. Golf in the state of Michigan last week. It's definitely and an honor for anyone of any grade to be named Mr. Golf, let alone a sophomore.


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