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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clarkston did right thing, even though it shouldn't have had to

Here's Kosmo's two cents on the situation at Clarkston. It's admirable that Clarkston and athletic director Dan Fife self-reported the incident regarding that particular student and a summer school class to the MHSAA. It does mean values and integrity at the school are very much in place.
Kosmo just feels it's a situation Clarkston shouldn't be punished for. Yes, the Michigan High School Athletic Association has black and white policies in place on these matters, so to speak, but this was a definite gray area as far as Kosmo is concerned.
No competitive advantage was gained. The student is a backup who played in four plays in the win over Adams and one over West Bloomfield.
The MHSAA should've reviewed the situation, realized it was an innocent mix-up on the reporting of what was a PASSING grade, and let things continue on.
This way, Clarkston wouldn't have been punished for its honesty. There was no corruption here. No cheating, no trying to gain an edge.
It was just a simple miscommunication, yet unfortunately because the MHSAA didn't treat it as a gray area, but instead a black and white one, an honest program got punished with two losses.


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