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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter to Cass Tech coach a disgrace

Why can't Detroit Cass Tech just enjoy its first state football title in school history? Why do the Technicians have to face an onslaught of bigotry in the aftermath of their 49-13 win over Catholic Central in the Division 1 state final last Saturday.
It's sickening that just because an inner city team has success, people think it was sheer blind fate and those players are ultimately going to be failures in life, but unfortunately that was the tone of a letter sent to Cass Tech coach Thomas Wilcher in the wake of what was a great triumph for not only Cass Tech, but the Detroit Public School League.
A letter accused Cass Tech players of not having academic standards and that in a few years the players will end up in jail, unemployed or on drugs.
Disgusting and totally mindless.
Just because some inner city football players beat the snot out of a traditional private school power filled with suburban kids doesn't mean it was a case of "hoodlems" having their day.
Would the same thing have been said had Utica Eisenhower made the final and recorded a 49-13 win?
Those Cass Tech kids played great and deserve credit and well wishes going forward. By the way, many of those kids will be going to play football in college with a chance to earn a degree. Two are going to play at Michigan. Last Kosmo checked, those with college degrees do pretty well in life.
It's a shame such stupidity and bigotry exists in this society. Kosmo is happy to hear the Catholic Central people are just as upset about it, because administrators have done a search of alumni and students in hopes of tracking the sicko down, but haven't found anybody of that name with any affiliation to the school.


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