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Friday, December 2, 2011

A salute to Lantzy

Rarely does Kosmo talk about any high school sports news involving a school not in Oakland County, but he feels one recent development is worth talking about.
Utica Eisenhower football coach Bob Lantzy retired after 41 yards on the job this past Wednesday, the end of a legendary career.
He was the only coach the school had ever had and won 13 league championships. He also led his team to four state title game appearances, with two major heartbreaks among those games.
Eisenhower was an onside kick away from beating Grand Ledge in 2000, but Grand Ledge recovered that onside kick and scored a touchdown in the final seconds to pull out a win.
A year later, Eisenhower lost 24-21 to Catholic Central, giving up a touchdown on a fourth-and-goal from inside the 5 with over a minute remaining.
It was too bad it wasn't in the cards for Lantzy to win a state title, but that still doesn't diminish a wonderful career record wise and more importantly, impact wise.
A terrific gentleman in addition to a great coach, Lantzy positively impacted the lives of so many kids over the last four decades.
Certainly too many to count and a reason why he should be saluted for a great career.


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