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Monday, April 30, 2012

Stunning news about Butcher

Usually this time of the year Kosmo likes to talk about the sports that are taking place, but there was a surprising bit of news that Kosmo couldn't ignore. After many years as head boys basketball coach at Walled Lake Central, Denny Butcher decided to leave the program last week so he could take the job at Hartland. In Kosmo's eyes, Butcher is one of the area's most underrated coaches and a terrific gentleman, so it's sad he'll be leaving the county. What seems odd is the timing of this and the fact that Hartland doesn't seem to be a major step up. That's not bashing Hartland since it's a solid program, but so is Central. This wasn't a move to a major powerhouse like Saginaw or something like that. Kosmo often doesn't know what goes on behind the scenes, and clearly there were some behind-the-scenes issue here that led to Butcher's migration to Hartland. While the timing and circumstances seem strange on the outside, Kosmo does wish Butcher the best of luck since he's both a good coach and man. - Just like last year, Birmingham Brother Rice's baseball team is off to a scorching start, so much so that the Warriors have shot up to the top of the Division 1 state rankings. Hopefully though Brother Rice has learned a lesson from last year when it also got off to a great start and didn't play as well down the stretch. That should be something the returning players should keep in mind as we enter May.


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