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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MHSAA needs to help soccer players

Kosmo was reading the fine boys soccer season preview in the Oakland Press the other day and was intrigued by the article on how many top players have essentially been forced to give up playing high school soccer this season because of a new policy by the U.S. Soccer Federation that wants the players to train with Academy teams year-round, including during the high school season. Usually, the Academy programs take somewhat of a break in the Fall to allow players to play for their high school teams, but now that the training is year-round per the request of the USSF, this essentially forces players into a difficult decision because of MHSAA bylaws. Kosmo admits he doesn't fully understand the exact language of the rulebook, but he does know that the MHSAA often will rule ineligible athletes who participate for other amateur athletic organizations/events outside of high school. For example, golfers who compete in a certain amount of junior tournaments during the high school season are ineligible or football players who decide to compete in all-star games are ineligible. The same rings true for soccer players who compete in tournaments or games for their Academy teams during the high school season, which is why this USSF policy is affecting so many players around the state. The Academies technically would allow players to play high school soccer, but players simply can't with the bylaws the MHSAA has in place. Hopefully, the MHSAA will meet in the coming year and make some adjustments to allow high school players affected by the USSF's policy to still play high school soccer. The best players need to be on the field for their high school teams, not just for an Academy team. Otherwise, boys soccer seasons will be forever diluted from a talent standpoint, and Koz doubts the MHSAA wants that.


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