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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Say it isn't so Andover defectors

Kosmo thought he was done blogging about the situation at Bloomfield Hills Andover, but he has one more thing to say and he has to do something he usually hates doing, which is call out kids. Reading the comments from Andover AD R.J. Guizzetti, it sounds like he and administrators in the school district did everything in their power to keep alive the program. Heck, they even were trying to recruit kids to come for the team in the halls last Friday. They deserve to be commended for their efforts, but sometimes it's not to be when there are quitters at work. That's right, Kosmo feels players might have been cowards and quit. There were many injuries that caused just 11 players to suit up for practice on Tuesday, but it also sounds like some certain players just simply gave up. Yes, the team was getting blown out each game and that's not fun, but this isn't about football or wins and losses. It's about the life lessons of commitment and seeing things through to the end, and if these players did quit and if there parents actually let them, that was a despicable act. Such selfish decisions negatively impacted so many others. These players cost the seniors on the team a chance to play high school football one last time and with the forfeiture of six games, ensured players on other teams will play one less game under the Friday night lights despite their hard work. It also was a slap in the face to a coaching staff that volunteered to be with Andover one more year despite the obstacles it faced. Maybe worst of all, all the past players who ever suited up for Andover and built the program for these kids were disgraced by actions that led to it being disbanded. Hopefully Kosmo is wrong and many of these players didn't simply quit. But if they did and cost Andover a program and so many others a chance to play football, then shame on them and the parents who let them go through with it. If there is one thing future college administrators and employers hate more, it's quitters and people who break promises. Unfortunately, Koz fears there are a few residing at Andover now.


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