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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday night games the way to go on Labor Day

As is usually the case on Labor Day weekend, the amount of football games that are played are fairly split between Thursday and Friday night. There probably are a little more being played on Thursday, but Kosmo is glad to see that there are more and more each year being played on Friday of this weekend because that's the way to go. Kosmo just doesn't understand why schools feel the need to play on Thursday this week. First of all, don't give the K-Man this garbage about holiday weekend stuff and sending kids on vacations. These kids are going to be watching film and practicing at some point Friday through Sunday. Believe me. Also, don't give the K-Man the argument families head up north on Friday and won't be around to see the game. Parents will stick around to see their kids play and families head up north Thursday night anyway. Have you seen I-75 on a Thursday night on Labor Day weekend? If not, go sit in the traffic yourself. Second, it disrupts all the other sports that need to be played on Thursday. How do you think soccer and volleyball coaches feel that their space and/or student fan attention will be taken away because football games are being held on the same night their contests are designated for during a week? Finally, Kosmo likes the Friday games because it keeps teams on a routine. Friday nights are when a majority of the games are going to be played and there should be any disruptions in that routine. Hopefully in the future more schools realize all these factors and just play on Friday night during Week 2 of the season.


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