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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two cents on James Young

Kosmo knows its been roughly a week since senior basketball star James Young announced on Twitter he was transferring from Troy to Rochester, but he still wants to share his thoughts about it. First of all, Young is a terrific player and by all accounts a nice kid. Kosmo wishes him well with the Falcons and glad a quality coach and individual like John Pleasant has someone like Young in the fold for his team because he may not ever get another talent like it. But Kosmo just isn't convinced the grass is greener on the other side for Young. At Troy, Young had an equally great coach/individual in one of Kosmo's all-time favorites, Gary Fralick. He also had a school that supported him and put him in the proper places to develop academically and a student body that adored him. Kosmo isn't sure if there were behind-the-scenes factors involved (there usually are, but Koz isn't going to speculate), but from a pure basketball standpoint, this is a lateral move. Young goes from one suburban school with a quality coach, but hasn't come close to winning a state championship, to another. Rochester and Troy are about equal in the supporting group of players as well. No matter what other motives there were, from strictly a basketball perspective, this move doesn't seem to be an upgrade or a downgrade, so why transfer at all?


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