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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please express forgiveness

Kosmo is usually one of the biggest defenders of kids, and that is the case again despite the fact that one committed a heinous act. As has been talked about throughout the state, a West Bloomfield player punched a Stoney Creek assistant coach after a 50-28 Stoney Creek win last Friday over the Lakers. Obviously, the player should be punished and the school district according to its statement will. However, please don't make this kid out to be some sort of criminal. He made a big mistake, but anyone who is all over him should look themselves in the mirror and ask if they have ever made errors in their lives? Of course, the answer is yes. As long as the kid learns something from this experience, everything will be OK. Like the K-Man said, don't make the kid out to be a criminal. - People probably already know that time flies, but we've already arrived at the point of the fall where boys tennis and girls golf teams are going to have their regional tournaments. Some are being held today, but most will be held on Thursday. The state finals are being held next week, so already it's getting down to the fun time of year for a couple of fall sports. Where has the time gone.


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