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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Strange volleyball game times

This of course is the district round of the state tournament for volleyball teams around the state, and upon glancing at the schedule, Kosmo finds it a little curious as to when games are scheduled. For starters, teams will play one match during a night and then come home, as opposed to being like baseball/softball and just doing the district in one day. This would make a lot more sense for the semifinal/final rounds, not necessarily the first round games. Second, why are so many district finals scheduled for Friday night? This makes absolutely NO sense. When the whole season change lawsuit was going on, it was argued by volleyball honks (most notably the lawsuits brought on by the two mothers) that it was discriminating against female athletes and volleyball players by having them play in the winter instead of the more traditional fall season. Yet here we are in the fall and these volleyball players have to compete with a football playoff night on Friday. Heck, the same holds true for those playing volleyball district finals on Saturday afternoon because of all the football going on. Yeah, that's SO much less discrimination going on, wink-wink. For the record, please detect Kosmo's sarcasm. It's ridiculous and it's too bad the volleyball players won't be getting much attention this week, or at least as much as they could be getting in the winter.


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