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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fisher a great story for others to follow

Kosmo hopes everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever other holiday you observe out there. Kosmo was able to both hand out and receive many good gifts, which leads to the following question. Why even exchange gifts because it all just evens out in the end? Seems to Koz it would save a lot of time and hassle. Anyway, Kosmo was in his cave reading a fine story by spy Drew Ellis in Wednesday's Oakland Press on former Stoney Creek football player Eric Fisher. Evidently, Fisher is on the cusp of an NFL career since he's a potential first round pick after this season. That's pretty awesome to Kosmo, given he remembers when Fisher was a talented, but also skinny player for the Cougars. The K-Man knew it would take a lot of bulk for Fisher to become a successful college player, and he admits he had some doubts whether Fisher could do it. Well, Fisher certainly showed Kosmo and did exactly that, busting his butt and working his way into a chiseled, 305-pound lineman, which only enhances his greatful footwork and athleticism he honed playing basketball at Stoney Creek also. It's a great story about a great kid who simply worked hard and rode his determination to what looks like will be an NFL career. A kid from Stoney Creek becoming a first round NFL draft pick? Are you kidding Kosmo? Hopefully others around the area look at this story and realize their dreams can come true as well if they keep believing and working like Fisher has. He's definitely a role model to emulate.


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