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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where are all the points?

The basketball season is already a couple of weeks old, and Kosmo already is noticing a problem that seems to get worse every single year, particular for girls teams. Can't anybody score any points anymore? Looking at the box scores, there are many times where teams can't get to 30 points, there have been some occasions where teams haven't gotten to 20 and there's even been a couple of times where teams can't even get to 10 points in a game. That's unfathomable to Kosmo and he wonders what the reasons are. Of course, the obvious source of blame for some is AAU, which many coaches say are more about money and the amount of games played rather than player development. Others blame the season switch of a few years ago and also the fact that players have more sports to choose from. Whatever the excuse, Kosmo never thought he'd see the day where getting off shots were considered successful possessions and that a team could easily win a game by getting to the 40-point mark. Hopefully it improves as the season goes along.


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