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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A sad beginning of the end

Kosmo is glad a temporary scare was survived over at Pontiac. For those who don't know, the Phoenix football team couldn't practice on Monday, the first official day of football practice for teams around the state, because the school district didn't pay insurance in case of injury to players, etc. Fortunately, the issue was resolved on Tuesday morning and the team was able to take the field for the first time. As happy as Kosmo is all the kids that worked so hard over the offseason will get to play, the K-Man can't help but feel the end is ultimately near for the Pontiac athletic program. The district is so broke and it seems imminent that the high school will become a charter school. Not only that, but the district might have to institute pay-to-play policies that might drive many more athletes away if there are sports at all. Can you imagine a basketball season in the winter without Pontiac, which has been the mecca of Oakland County? As much as Kosmo doesn't want to believe it, sadly it could become reality the way things are going.


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