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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sad changing landscape of girls basketball

Kosmo is back from a post-football hiatus on this blog, and even though he hasn't been writing, he had paid attention to what happened during the first week of girls basketball season. He didn't like what he saw. Scoring has gotten worse and worse every year since the season change, with countless teams not even scoring 10 points in a half or 25 in a game. In fairness, the talent for boys basketball around the state has dipped as well, but girls games just don't seem to have the offense as in years past. That is not making fun of girls who do play because they bust their behind each day and give it all they got. They really do. It is just with club volleyball and club soccer competing for a female athlete's time in the winter, basketball only players are getting fewer and fewer. Maybe the ensuing weeks will be better with some games under the belt of teams. Kosmo sure hopes so because it is just unfortunate to see such low-scoring games.


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