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Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter break hypocrisy

Winter break is officially upon us, which means more than just no school for students and opening up holiday gifts. It also means there will be plenty of action around he high school sports season, with seemingly each sport having holiday tournaments and events of some sort. Of course, it also leads to the annual argument of why athletes are allowed by school districts to play in events over winter break, but those same districts mandate to coaches that they can go on vacation for spring break in April. What is the difference? Why is there no such mandate to allow athletes to go on winter break without discipline from coaches? After all, there seemingly is more time to regroup for winter athletes since the winter sports season is a full month longer than the spring season. There has to be some rhyme or reason for school districts to favor spring over winter break in terms of excusing athletes. Kosmo just has no idea what that reasoning is be because each year it makes no sense.


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