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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big game in the Flint Metro

It's unusual to have important league games right off of the bat, but with this darn season change that's forced girls and boys basketball teams to play in the same season, Kosmo is intrigued by a boys matchup on Friday between Holly and Ortonville Brandon at Brandon.
Not sure if these two teams will contend for a league title, but they could since they both have go-to-scorers. Holly has a fantastic point guard in senior Jordan Fowler, while Brandon has a good scorer in senior Dustin DeShais. It'd be a nice sight to see just those two play one-on-one, but there are other players who hopefully will showcase their talents.
The only sad part for Kosmo is that he's pretty sure the famous A & W in Ortonville is closed for the winter. If Brandon wins, where are the players going to go celebrate at? If Holly wins, where would they go to rub it in, er, celebrate in a classy fashion?
Oh well, at least the game itself should be worth celebrating.


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