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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The games must go on

Right now, Kosmo is looking at the weather forecast and sees an ominous outlook for Thursday night/Friday morning. Lots of snow is expected, which might force the cancelation of school for those districts who have school on Friday. Some of those school districts have a policy that if school is canceled, so are extra-curricular activities, which means a lot of games could be postponed or canceled on Friday.
That would be a real shame, particularly this Friday. It's the last day before break for a lot of districts, so if there's a time to bend the rules and still play, this is it. Much of the snow will already have fallen, so there is plenty of time for the roads to get cleared up.
It's the last game before January for a lot of the schools, so what's the point of having to re-schedule, especially with how cramped gym space is already.
Please, whatever you all do, play the games on Friday, weather be darned.


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