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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wrestling hotbed

Kosmo is never one to doubt his main man Marvin, so he fully believes Marv when he says it'll be an unprecedented weekend next week for area wrestling teams in Battle Creek. According to Marv, one of the more honest sources in the history of the planet, the four area teams that have advanced to the state quarterfinals in Battle Creek is the most ever in Oakland County. Hazel Park, Oxford, Lake Orion and Novi Detroit Catholic Central all will be there, which will make it a busy weekend for Marv. What's more, Oxford has a decent chance of making it to the state finals in Division 2 (Hazel Park, Lake Orion and Catholic Central will have to spring some upsets), which would mark the first time a county team makes the finals since Novi in 2000.
Regardless of what happens, each of these four teams should be commended for their seasons and they already have represented the county very well. Best of luck to all of them in Cereal City.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Trouble at Oak Park

In his column on Friday, Kosmo wrote about how he felt Oak Park's boys basketball team had the capability of making a run in the upcoming state tournament. Well, Kosmo might have to rescind that thought given what's taken place this season with the Knights.
Oak Park certainly isn't the team Kosmo thought it would be at the beginning of the year. Star guard K'allante Miller struggled with eligibility issues and was finally removed from the team a couple of weeks ago. Not only that, but head coach George T. Ward was removed as head coach for an alleged altercation with a player, although Kosmo must point out that it's "alleged." Regardless, the coach and star player are not on the team anymore. There's still some talent on the Knights, but given their turmoil, it's hard to imagine them pulling together for the state tournament.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kudos to Fife/Seaholm volleyball

Kosmo doesn't know this for sure, and he doubts one Dan Fife isn't anxious to dig up any historical facts because it will draw attention to himself he might not want, but rumor has it that Clarkston's boys basketball coach is nearing 500 wins.
In fact, with a win over Southfield on Friday, should achieve that milestone, although again, he doesn't know for sure. If there is anyone out there in Clarkston who can verify this, please send Kosmo an e-mail.
Regardless, it's a well-deserved achievement for what is the state's best coach. Nobody gets more out of his players and it's great to the Wolves ranked No. 1 in the state right now.
No, nobody will care until the Wolves finally get past the quarterfinals (which they could easily do this year), but it's a nice story along the way in what Clarkston hopes is a historic season.
— In addition to Fife, Kosmo also wants to pass along kudos to the Birmingham Seaholm volleyball team, which recently earned the highest team grade-point average in the state. Senior Anya Cekauskas was named academic all-state. A great honor indeed for a hard-working group of ladies.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mott on the spot

There are always pleasant surprises during a sports season, but rarely are there totally surprises. In Kosmo's eyes, that's what Waterford Mott's boys basketball team has become.
The K-Man must admit he didn't think Mott would be a big force this season in the newly formed KLAA North. Maybe they could win a game or two here and there, but the KLAA North was Lakeland's to lose.
That was Kosmo's thinking until Friday, when the Corsairs scored a whopping 31 points in the fourth quarter to win at Lakeland and move to 8-0 in league play.
It was the second time this season Mott beat Lakeland (the only two losses for the Eagles), meaning the league title is all but theirs even though there are a couple of weeks left in the regular season.
That would've been hard to believe at the start of the season, but kudos should go out to all the Corsairs.
— As good as Kosmo feels for Waterford Mott, he feels equally bad for Holly, which lost an anticipated boys basketball game on Friday by one point to Fenton. The game essentially was for the Flint Metro title, so it was no doubt a bummer for the Holly community.
However, the good news for the Bronchos is that they are in the same district as Fenton in the state playoffs, so if they meet again, they can win the one that really counts.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Melting thoughts

In his last post, Kosmo talked about how bad he felt for area skiers, who saw all the snow melt in a hurry earlier this week and thus could have their regional meets thrown for a loop without any snow. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kosmo knows a group of coaches that couldn't be happier with the disappearing snow, that being area baseball and softball coaches.
With the start of practice for spring sports less than a month away (March 9), baseball and softball coaches rightfully have fretted with the brutal winter weather that their seasons might not start until mid-April at the earliest. Who knows how much more snow will come in the next month, but seeing mostly grass now has to be an encouraging sign that for baseball and softball coaches that maybe their seasons won't be as depleted as originally thought.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Victims of warmth

There probably aren't too many people around the area who will complain about the near 60 degree temperatures that will invade the county this week, but Kosmo knows of one group of people not happy to see the warmer weather.
Thursday and Friday is supposed to be the regional meets for ski teams around the state, at least it was supposed to be.
With this record warmth that will likely melt all the snow, Kosmo can't envision much skiing going on later this week. Maybe they can reschedule for next week assuming it gets colder, but that's definitely a downer for area teams who have built their seasons up towards regionals. Unless there's some magic snow-making machines that can withstand rain and 50 to 60 degree weather, those regional meets look very much in doubt for this week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More than a game

Kosmo was touched to find out what the Waterford Mott and Waterford Kettering boys hockey teams will be doing on Wednesday night.
The teams will play a league game at Lakeland Ice Arena in Waterford Twp., but more importantly, the game will serve as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
Kettering will wear pink uniforms, while Mott will wear purple ones. Each player will then give his jersey away to a donor who gives funds for the jersey in honor of someone in their lives who has been touched by cancer. There will be others of fundraisers during the game, which Kettering and Mott hopes will raise in the neighborhood of $10,000. It's obviously a brilliant idea by the two programs and athletic departments and the K-Man wishes everyone involved nothing but the best.