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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All-State slights

First of all, Kosmo wants to relay that he knows it's a tough job for any high school coaches association to pick an all-state team.
There are so many kids around the state battling for so few spots that someone usually gets slighted.
But Kosmo has to admit there were a few kids who he felt deserved better as far as all-state recognition in baseball goes.
Chase Toth of Clarkston and Nick Bradley of Rochester each had dominant years and clearly are two of the best players in the state.
Both are Division I college players, with Toth going to Big Ten champion Michigan State and Bradley signed with Western Michigan.
Neither one got any all-state recognition, which was a shame.
Birmingham Brother Rice senior Andrew Sohn was named second team all-state in Division 1, but he had a tremendous season that should've warranted him on the Dream Team. He was the team's leadoff hitter and ace pitcher with an ERA under 1.00.
Second team is better than what Toth and Bradley got, but Kosmo felt Sohn should've been recognized further.
Just one seer's opinion

Monday, June 27, 2011

Grand day for Bishop Foley

Yes, it was over a week ago, but Kosmo still can't get over the day enjoyed by Madison Heights Bishop Foley athletics on June 18. Some schools hope they can win one state title in a given year. Bishop Foley won two on the same DAY.
First the baseball team captured the Division 3 state crown with an 8-2 win over Bridgman.
It was the first state championship in school history for the Ventures in baseball.
Then, the girls soccer team pulled out a 2-1 win over Lansing Christian in the Division 4 final to win its state record 12th championship.
That wouldn't be a bad day at all for the biggest schools in the state, let alone a smaller-sized one in Madison Heights.
- Now that summer is here, it's usually peak time for college commitments from area high school athletes in a variety of sports. One in particular that Kosmo is interested in seeing is where Farmington Hills Harrison wideout Aaron Burbridge will go. He has two teammates that have already committed to Michigan, so will see if Burbridge also pledges his services to the Wolverines, or if he goes to another program.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better slot for all-star game

Last season, the timing couldn't have been worse in terms of the date of the annual Michigan High School Football Coaches Association All-Star game.
Due to a scheduled U-2 concert (that was eventually postponed to this summer) at Spartan Stadium, the coaches association had to change the date of the all-star game, and the only Saturday available was the same day as the state finals in baseball, softball and girls soccer.
Obviously, this wasn't good for families that had kids playing both in the football all-star game or in the championships of the aforementioned sports, and there was little media coverage of the game since most of the state's media were rightfully focused on the state finals.
This year, the coaches association made a nice adjustment.
The game was moved to Central Michigan so it could take place this Saturday, a week after the finals for baseball, softball, girls soccer and boys golf.
The game will have all the attention of media since it's now summer and there's no risk of families being torn as to which of their kids games to attend, should a family have a kid in the all-star game or playing for a state title in on of the other sports.

Monday, June 20, 2011

All hail the champs

The 2010-11 high school sports season in the state of Michigan is officially over, but as the saying goes, area teams "Saved the best for last."
On the last weekend of the season, four area teams brought home state titles on what was championship Saturday for baseball, softball, girls soccer and boys golf.
In Battle Creek, Madison Heights Bishop Foley capped off one of the finest season a county baseball team has ever had, finishing 39-3 after beating Bridgman in the Division 3 state championship.
For the 23rd time in the last 24 years, at least one area girls soccer team won a state title, and in fact, there were two.
Novi on its millionth state championship in the last seven years (OK, it's only five, but it seems like a million with all the success the Wildcats have had) with a 1-0 win over fellow county power Troy.
Then finishing off one of the greatest days in the history of the Bishop Foley athletic program, the girls soccer team, hours after the baseball team raised the trophy in Battle Creek, won its state record 12th state title with a 2-1 win over Lansing Christian.
Then, the Auburn Hills Oakland Christian boys golf team won its first state championship in school history, proving why it was the No. 1 team in the state at the Division 4 tournament.
There's nothing like finishing a preps season on top, and thanks to these four, that's exactly what happened.
Kudos also go out to North Farmington junior Max Kollin and Pontiac Notre Dame Prep junior Aaron Knutson, who won individual state titles at the Division 1 and Division 3 state tournaments, respectively.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kosmo's two cents on Oxford golf

The Division 1 state golf tournament starts on Friday at Oakland University, and Oxford will be one of the Oakland County participants in the field.
The K-Man knows that Oxford has had to deal with a lot lately with the controversy surrounding one if its players that allegedly erased scores on a scorecard in the district tournament.
Kosmo admits he doesn't know all that's going on other than what he's read. Based on that, here is what your seer thinks about the issue.
If there is more to the story and the kid didn't cheat, then somebody from Oxford Schools needs to come forward and say what really happened. It's very possible there was a misunderstanding and the kid didn't do anything wrong.
However, the company line being toed by the school district at Oxford is evidence that he did, unfortunately.
Not talking about it and hiding under the line of "It was the MHSAA's ruling and that's all there is to it" is a cop-out. If the kid is innocent, somebody come forward and explain why.
Otherwise, it's one of those matters of being guilty by silence.
Not revealing what was said in its letter to the MHSAA is a poor move by Oxford.
School districts are public entities, not private ones, and you bet it's the public's business when something like this comes up.
If the kid did cheat, than Oxford should've immediately pulled out of the state tournament.
Period. End of story.
It only makes what's otherwise a terrific and model Oxford community look worse and it can't be much fun for the team to compete at the state tournament with such a microscope under them.
That can't be enjoyable at all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More evidence on power of girls soccer

The state girls soccer semifinals will take place on Wednesday, and once again, there can't be more blatant evidence that the most successful high school sport within Oakland County is girls soccer.
The area has produced a state champion 22 out of the last 23 years (or is it 23 of the last 24? Whatever.), and there are still five teams left playing in the semifinals.
All this comes one year after county teams won state championships in three of the four divisions.
There's a good chance that Saturday will feature the second all-county state Division 1 final in the past five years, as Novi and Troy could be on a collision course to meet for all the marbles.
Madison Heights Lamphere is an underdog in its Division 2 semifinal against Livonia Ladywood, but the Rams have bucked the odds all season in getting this far.
Traditional powers Birmingham Detroit Country Day in Division 3 and Madison Heights Bishop Foley in Division 4 are also alive, so there's a good chance those teams will look to add to their collection of state title trophies on Saturday.
Again, if there's a more successful high school sport within the county than girls soccer, Kosmo doesn't know what it is.

Monday, June 13, 2011

High softball scores indeed

Before the start of the softball season, Kosmo wondered how much of an impact moving the pitching rubber back three feet would have on players and teams around the state.
It had a huge impact during the regular season, but Kosmo thought things would calm down a bit to normal once the state tournament started.
However, it's gone the opposite direction. Moving the rubber back three feet has made MORE of a difference in the state playoffs with how many runs are being scored.
The evidence is all over the place.
In the Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes region, there were 55 runs scored in the three games, with WOLL winning 18-0 and 12-4 to capture a regional crown.
The highly-anticipated regional semifinal between Walled Lake Northern and North Farmington, which each had all-county pitchers from last year, ended up being a 10-6 North Farmington win.
The Raiders then gave up 11 runs in a regional final loss to Canton.
It seems like nowadays, even in the most pressure-packed games, you don't have a chance if you don't score at least three runs. Kosmo would like to think there will be some traditional 1-0 or 2-1 games this week in the quarterfinals and at the Final Four in Battle Creek, but given the way things have gone this season, it doesn't appear likely.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prom controversy strikes again

Tis the time for the playoffs in the spring sports season, and with it, comes the usual controversy regarding proms that take place on the same day state tournament games are scheduled.
Last week, Walled Lake Central was missing eight seniors in a district soccer semifinal against Troy because of prom.
And earlier this week, quite a firestorm was caused when Utica Eisenhower vehemently lobbied to have its regional soccer semifinal at Troy Athens on Tuesday moved because its prom was that night.
People clamored to have the game moved up to early afternoon or to Wednesday. Eventually, the game was moved from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m., but since the start of Eisenhower's prom was 7, that still made people at the school upset.
First of all, Kosmo feels for the kids at Eisenhower. None of this was their fault. They were put in a tough position and it's too bad they had to be punished somewhat.
But Kosmo doesn't blame Athens or the MHSAA for not moving the game to Wednesday or up in the day further because the time and date was set well in advance. The school should've taken this into its thinking when it planned prom.
It's actually a great life lesson: Life isn't fair, adverse and unjust things come up, but you have to deal with it.
Think these kids won't deal with similar situations in the real world? You can rest assured the proper response won't be to moan and groan until they get what they want.
That'll lead to a sure firing from a boss, arrest, whatever you want to imagine.
You can't get what you want whenever you want it.
To the credit of the Eisenhower kids, they made the best of an unfortunate situation. They stuck together, played the game, and ended up winning in a shootout.
Oh, and even though they got there late, they probably got to enjoy much of their prom.
They got to experience the best of both worlds, honoring commitment to their team and getting to prom, by handling the adversity how grown adults should.
Hopefully the kids provided a lesson to the parents who grumbled so much.

Friday, June 3, 2011

ATTENTION READERS: We need timeline help

Well, the big day is already upon us. The busiest day of the entire high schools sports season is on Saturday, a day we at the Oakland Press like to refer to as "Super Preps Saturday."
There's no busier day, with state finals in track and tennis, district semifinals and finals for baseball and softball teams around the state, girls soccer district finals and lacrosse regional finals.
Wow. That's a lot of kids competing in pressure-packed environments.
The last few years, Kosmo's spies have chronicled the big day by doing a timeline column the following week on the day.
We'd like to do that again this year, but we don't only want it to be Kosmo's spies submitting times of significant happenings.
We want the readers involved as well.
If you have the time of an important happening in a sporting event on Saturday, feel free to e-mail it You'll have your name mentioned in the timeline column as a result.
Here's an example of what we're looking for:

1:53 p.m. - John Smith of Clarkston hits a home run to give the Wolves a 3-0 lead over Lake Orion in the second inning of a district final.

Of course, there probably isn't a John Smith on Clarkston and the Wolves and Lake Orion aren't in the same district, but that's just an example.
Feel free to send something like that for any sport.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big opening wins for North Farmington, Athens

In playoff action for any sport on any level, from the pros to youth leagues, teams often have to rally and find a way to win games they have no business winning in order to be crowned champion.
Adversity must be overcome and the test of close calls must be passed.
If that's the case, than the North Farmington softball team and the Troy Athens baseball team might be in for deep runs in the state tournament.
Both were on the edge of the cliff called elimination on Tuesday, and both managed to avoid losing their balance.
North Farmington was trailing by two runs and down to its final strike in a district opener against Northville, but rallied to score three runs on a pair of hits to stay alive.
Athens trailed Utica going into the seventh inning, 5-3, but scored three runs to pull out a 6-5 win.
Granted, each team has to take advantage of being able to survive close shaves. North Farmington has to beat a good Farmington Hills Mercy squad and Athens has to beat a solid Utica Eisenhower team on Saturday in respective district games.
But given how each went to the brink on Tuesday and survived, you have to like their chances with newfound life.