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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The games must go on

Right now, Kosmo is looking at the weather forecast and sees an ominous outlook for Thursday night/Friday morning. Lots of snow is expected, which might force the cancelation of school for those districts who have school on Friday. Some of those school districts have a policy that if school is canceled, so are extra-curricular activities, which means a lot of games could be postponed or canceled on Friday.
That would be a real shame, particularly this Friday. It's the last day before break for a lot of districts, so if there's a time to bend the rules and still play, this is it. Much of the snow will already have fallen, so there is plenty of time for the roads to get cleared up.
It's the last game before January for a lot of the schools, so what's the point of having to re-schedule, especially with how cramped gym space is already.
Please, whatever you all do, play the games on Friday, weather be darned.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wrestling fever

In most winter sports, the month of December doesn't really mean a lot, with mostly meaningless regular season games taking place. Sure, it's nice to see matchups such as Country Day vs. Southfield in boys hoops this past Saturday, but it really doesn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things.
That's where Kosmo is thankful for the sport of wrestling.
Even though it's December, area wrestlers are gearing up for one of the most important meets of the year when the Oakland County tournament takes place on Saturday at Oxford High School.
It's great that these kids have something to build up towards early in the season. It gets them training hard right from the start of practice in November, and then after a deserved holiday break, they get right back at it in January with the regionals not that far off in mid-February.
As always, it should be a great meet on Saturday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big game in the Flint Metro

It's unusual to have important league games right off of the bat, but with this darn season change that's forced girls and boys basketball teams to play in the same season, Kosmo is intrigued by a boys matchup on Friday between Holly and Ortonville Brandon at Brandon.
Not sure if these two teams will contend for a league title, but they could since they both have go-to-scorers. Holly has a fantastic point guard in senior Jordan Fowler, while Brandon has a good scorer in senior Dustin DeShais. It'd be a nice sight to see just those two play one-on-one, but there are other players who hopefully will showcase their talents.
The only sad part for Kosmo is that he's pretty sure the famous A & W in Ortonville is closed for the winter. If Brandon wins, where are the players going to go celebrate at? If Holly wins, where would they go to rub it in, er, celebrate in a classy fashion?
Oh well, at least the game itself should be worth celebrating.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Preview/all-county madness

Fresh off what has to be an award winning girls basketball preview put out by the Oakland Press on Tuesday, the OP will have a few more must-read articles in the coming days.
First, the all-county football team will be unveiled in Sunday's issue. Check out who made the Dream Team, the second team and who is listed as an honorable mention. All the K-Man can say is that it's a huge list.
Then, either Monday or Wednesday, look for legendary OP writer Marvin Goodwin's annual wrestling preview. It's always the best wrestling preview around. Finally on Tuesday, the OP will come out with its 2008 boys basketball preview. It will be just like the girls preview with a league-by-league analysis, top players and top teams.
Kosmo won't be apart of that preview, but he's in Friday's Oakland Press forecasting girls games and he'll be back next Friday to forecast both boys and girls games.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks a lot Country Day and Lake Orion

Well, football season is offically over, but before Kosmo turns the page to basketball season, he just has to give one big thank you to Birmingham Detroit Country Day and Lake Orion's football teams.
Kosmo was paranoid at the start of the playoffs that there wouldn't be one Oakland County team in the state football finals, but the Yellowjackets and Dragons thankfully stepped up and got to Ford Field, making it an exciting week for their communities and the K-Man.
Even in defeat, both represented well. What could Country Day do about Holland Christian quarterback A.J. Westendorp? His performance was arguably the greatest by a quarterback in state history, so there's no shame in tipping your cap to a better player.
As for Lake Orion, it was quite a scene on TV with the entire Lake Orion side full of people. You probably could've robbed a bank in Lake Orion on Saturday afternoon with the amount of people at the game.
The Dragons didn't play their best game in their loss to Rockford, but it was about time either Lake Orion or Clarkston got there.
Well done and hopefully both can get back to Ford Field next year. On to basketball!