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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday tournament hypocrisy?

Sunday marks the last day of the Motor City Roundball Classic at Country Day and Kosmo hopes people have enjoyed some good basketball over the past few days. There actually have been lots of holiday tournaments going on over the break and Kosmo doesn't have a problem with that because it is a good idea to keep kids sharp and active over the break. Kosmo's problem is this. Why doesn't the same logic apply for spring break? School districts have policies in place that let kids go away on spring break and not get punished for not being with their teams, yet no such policies exist for holiday break this time of year. If anything, the policy should be in effect for this time of year and not spring break, given the winter season is much longer anyway. Spring sports teams have a much shorter season yet have to deal with the policy while winter teams this time of year can play holiday tournaments galore. It makes no sense and reeks of hypocrisy.


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