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Monday, April 22, 2013

Another idea to help spring sports

Kosmo knows there is a lot of frustration right now for spring sports athletes given they have trained all offseason just to see their games get canceled due to awful weather. Solutions are definitely not easy to find in all this mess, but Kosmo is here to offer one, and it has to do with Spring Break. Many school districts have a policy that prevents coaches from punishing players who go away on Spring Break with families, which is something the fall or winter sports seasons don't have to deal with. The spring season is short enough as it is, so school districts that have these policies need to get rid of them. There will be other chances to go on April vacations with the family in the future. You are only in high school sports one time in your life and being around the team and showing commitment over spring break is a great thing not only for the present, but it's a good life lesson. Future employers and colleges love seeing such commitment, and again, there's always time for vacations. At the very least, this would lead to more games and not having athletes essentially start over once they get back from Spring Break.


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