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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worst fears being realized

Mother Nature can be downright cruel sometime. That certainly has been the case with spring sports teams in the last few days, which is probably causing scheduling chaos for baseball, softball, tennis and golf teams around the area.
This particular spring season already was short enough, but it's tightening up even more with what likely will be three straight days of cancelations for most area teams in those sports by the time Wednesday night rolls around.
The weather is supposed to get better later in the week, but it may be too late to avoid all the makeup madness that will ensue over the next month.
Teams will have to find ways to make up multiple contests, if they are able to do so at all without fully canceling games.
It's part of the deal each year for coaches in spring sports, but given how short the season was going to be already this year with all the spring breaks that just ended and the playoffs only a month away, it's making all this nasty weather even more troublesome.


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