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Friday, May 13, 2011

Better players should play

On Saturday, Birmingham Brother Rice will meet Warren De La Salle in a Catholic League baseball semifinal.
The Warriors have been dominate this season, losing just two games and rightfully are near the top of the state rankings.
There's been some controversy surrounding Brother Rice this season because the coaching staff elected to cut some seniors and put eight freshman on the roster.
For all the people upset that the Warriors did that, all Kosmo has to say to you is this: Hush up.
Bottom line is the best players are on the team. There's no favoritism to elder players.
Can you imagine if pro or college sports were run like that. Where would all the impact rookies or freshman be?
In real life, the best people in a corporation are the ones on the team. No favors are done to those have been around a long time.
Kosmo applauds the Brother Rice staff for making a stand and not caring what others think.
They did what they should do, which is make decisions in the best interest of the team, not a few whiny parents.


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