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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pushing back spring sports

Today begins the second full week in May, which means that not too far on the horizon is the start of league tournaments in various sports.
In fact, track and field will hold league meets on Friday and Saturday, as will girls tennis.
The Catholic League baseball semifinals will also be held this Saturday. It's pretty remarkable, because it hasn't felt like spring sports teams have had a season.
With all the weather postponements, some teams are finally starting to get in a groove, only to see the season nearing its end because track and tennis regionals are less than two weeks away.
Seeing all this, Kosmo feels it's time to extend the spring sports season. Have the finals for each sport take place in late June or maybe even the first weekend of July (before the 4th).
Kosmo doesn't buy the whole summer vacation argument, because Fall sports start the first week of August and kids are asked to attend football camps over the summer. It's time to ensure spring sports teams have the length of season they deserve with all the unpredictable spring weather in Michigan.


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